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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners To Host Top 2013 Quarterback

Up to this point in the 2013 recruiting process, the Sooners have really only actively pursued one quarterback. Which makes sense when you consider that quarterback, Max Browne, is the top overall QB in the class and just recently visited Norman. However, the fine folks over at SoonerScoop ($) have learned that the plans at quarterback appear to have changed a bit.

SoonerScoop broke the news that Colleyville (TX) quarterback Cody Thomas will be on campus Wednesday for an unofficial visit. Thomas, according to Rivals, is the #9 QB in the 2013 class and the #178 overall player. He currently holds offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Iowa, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oregon, TCU, and USC among others. Thomas does not currently hold an offer, but that could change after his visit on Wednesday. It might not necessarily happen tomorrow, but after last year and the whole Gunner Kiel situation the OU coaches will want to have a contingency plan in place if they start to get a feeling Max Browne might not happen.

(Don't take that to mean they're unhappy with who they signed in Trevor Knight. Honestly, I'm not sure things could have worked out any better. Knight seems like a born leader while Kiel seems like a bit of a head case. We won that deal IMO.)

Thomas is a big kid (6'5" 220 lbs.) who stands tall in the pocket and plays in a similar style of offense to the one Oklahoma currently runs. He spends a lot of time in the shotgun, gets the ball out of his hand quickly, throws a lot of short passes putting his receivers to make plays after the catch. He has a quick release, doesn't have the biggest arm in the world, but shows good touch on a lot of his passes.

I wouldn't read too much into things with this news regarding the Sooners chances with Max Browne, at least not yet. As good as Browne is the coaches obviously cannot put all of their eggs in one basket, so this is likely them doing their due diligence on their other possible options. All things considered, not exactly a bad sign to be considering the #9 QB as your "second" option.