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Following The Texas Sweep, OU Baseball Makes Significant Change To Pitching Rotation

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In an interview this morning on KREF 1400 with friend of CCM, Toby Rowland, OU baseball skipper Sunny Golloway revealed that he would be making a significant change to the Sooners pitching rotation following this past weekend's sweep at the hands of the Texas Longhorns.

LHP Jordan John, who had been easily the teams most consistent pitcher so far this season, will be moved out of the bullpen and into the marquee spot of Friday night starter. Golloway went on to say that for this weekend's upcoming series with Texas Tech, the Sooners would throw John on Friday night, Jonathan Gray on Saturday, and Dillon Overton on Sunday. It's a pretty significant change considering Overton was the previous Friday night guy and has really done nothing to deserve losing the spot.

While this is an obvious attempt to bolser a starting rotation that has been inconsistent at best (outside of Overton), what it also does is gut an OU bullpen that has been even worse. Coming out of the pen, John had repeatedly bailed Oklahoma out of jams. So now whether it's one guy, or more likely a combination of guys, there is a big hole to try and fill behind the Sooners starting pitchers.