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OU Football Spring Practice - Some General Musings On The Sooners Defense

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via <a href=""></a> DT Jordan Phillips.  You do not want to mess with this man.
via DT Jordan Phillips. You do not want to mess with this man.

As we're all painfully aware, the lockdown with which Bob Stoops keeps this program during the spring does not allow for much information to leak out. And it's especially frustrating spring for this to be the case because this Sooners team has gone through so many changes, especially on the defensive side of things. Well, in spite of Bob's vice like grip there have been a couple nuggets of info find their way out of Norman and we wanted to quickly address them here with you.

* Mike Stoops seems very happy with his secondary and probably couldn't find a way to say more positive things about Tony Jefferson. It seems like Jefferson has all but moved to that free safety spot full time and he's drawn rave review from M.Stoops through the first couple weeks of practices.

* So if Jefferson is playing safety now, that means his former 'Roy-back' spot is now open. Early reports are that senior Joseph Ibiloye and sophomore Julian Wilson have seen the most time in that spot thus far. Ibiloye is a name most will recognize, but is also a guy who has struggled in that position in the past especially in coverage. Wilson is a guy who has really only played special teams after redshirting two years ago, but has always been considered a very good athlete and could potentially excel in this role.

* Word is that JUCO signee CB Kass Everett has struggled through the first couple weeks of practices. It's pretty normal for a guy to take some time adjusting to play at this level, even for JUCO guys. This is the only spot in the secondary that isn't locked down right now. WR, turned CB, turned WR, turned CB Joe Powell has reportedly used Everett's struggles to step up and has played well.

* Jordan Phillips, that's one bad dude. I'm not exactly going out on a limb with this prediction, but he's just going to be too good for the coaches to keep off the field this year. The athleticism for a guy his size (6'6" 330 lbs) is sick and in even the brief glimpses we get from those practice videos OU puts out you can just see the kid is oozing with potential.

* Now the main reason I wanted to put this together. If you have way too much time on your hands like I apparently do and watch the practice videos OU puts out, you may have noticed that Rashod Favors and P.L. Lindley have been working out with the defensive ends. Why does this matter you may ask? Well, they're linebackers or at least were believed to be linebackers. Which isn't exactly a position of great depth for our Sooners, so the better question may be why would you move two players from a position in which you have little depth to DE?

Maybe it's as a result of the injury to Geneo Grissom? Certainly a feasible possibility. But with Favors at 6'1" 237 lbs and Lindley at 6'2" 236 lbs, you've got to very undersized players to be playing at defensive end. I'm just not sure I follow the logic behind moving either. Again, maybe it's just temporary but this seems to be a recurring theme with this coaching staff. Moving an undersized player at their original position to another position where they're considered to be even more undersized. We move tight ends to o-line, safeties to linebacker, and now linebackers to d-ends?

Clearly it's still early and things can and likely will change, but there are certainly some interesting developments in the early spring practices.