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March Madness Day One Open Game Thread

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Its on like donkey kong! The dance has begun and the brackets are in play. With wall-to-wall basketball on all day long today make this your place to discuss the action, make your predictions and then tell us at which point you're giving up on your bracket. It should be fun!

Thursday's East Region Games (CCM's Predictions)

11:40 am Southern Miss vs. (Kansas State)

1:10 pm Montana vs. (Wisconsin)

2:10 pm N.C. Asheville vs. (Syracuse)

3:40 pm Harvard vs. (Vanderbilt)

6:20 pm (West Virgina) vs. Gonzaga

8:50 pm Loyola vs. (Ohio State)

Thursday's West Region Games (CCM's Predictions)

11:15 am Colorado State vs. (Murray State)

12:40 pm Davidson vs. (Louisville)

1:45 pm BYU vs. (Marquette)

3:10 pm Long Beach State vs. (New Mexico)

Thursday's South Region Games (CCM's Predictions)

5:50 pm Western Kentucky vs. (Kentucky)

6:15 pm (VCU) vs. Wichita State

6:27 pm South Dakota St. vs. (Baylor)

8:20 pm Connecticut vs. (Iowa State)

8:45 pm New Mexico State vs. (Indiana)

8:57 pm (Colorado) vs UNLV