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Oklahoma Basketball: The Year In Review (Part I)

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The Oklahoma Sooners did not have much expectation heading into the 2012 season under new head coach Lon Kruger. However, Sooner Nation saw this team building a sense of comradery that will benefit them in the coming years. In coming recruits will find a home away from home in this new family that is on the up and up. All that needs to be said is that good things are yet to come.

In part one of this Year In Review series, let's take a look at something that all Sooner fans can jams.

Cameron Clark's High-Flying Windmill Dunk (via ESPN)

The Sooners were certainly flying high at the beginning of the season as they went on a tear doing the unexpected. Oklahoma went on to win 10 of its first 12 games. On this particular play, Sooner guard Cameron Clark is the trail man on a fast break with Sam Grooms. Now while Grooms could have been a bit selfish with this play, he instead rewards his teammate for running the floor with him and it certainly did not disappoint. Clark takes the dish and turns it into a windmill jam against Sacramento State. There is no mistaking that Clark is very athletic and he has had some better dunks in previous seasons yet this is always a crowd pleaser.

Clark was not the only player who wanted in on the action...

Romero Osby Dunk 2012 Bedlam (via gcart588)

As you can tell, as Grooms is bringing the ball up the court he runs into a 3/4 court press from the Oklahoma St. Cowboys. When the pressure arrives Andrew Fitzgerald comes in to set the screen to break Grooms free. As Fitz sets the pick, the Cowboy defense begins to cheat opening the pass to Romero Osby. The events that take place from there should be placed on a poster and scattered all over Cowboy territory to remind them of what is going to happen next season. From mid-court, Osby sees the lane open up and takes decides to slash into it. I've got to say, the big man has some speed. Steven Pledger remains in the corner as the kick out option and outside threat which keeps the defense from clogging the lane. As Osby approaches the launching pad, he is met by a defender that he flat out embarrasses. Of course the end results in an offensive foul, but you have to admire the ups that Roe possesses.

There were several other dunks that stood out throughout the season but these are two of the best by far! Look for the Sooners to continue to develop upon what they already possess with the addition of a few new components and this team could soar once again in Coach Kruger's second season while hopefully making the post-season.