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NCAA Tournament Bracket - How Deep Can The Big XII Go?

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How far can the Big XII champion Tigers make it in the dance?  (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
How far can the Big XII champion Tigers make it in the dance? (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Its time for the Madness to begin and the Big XII Conference is dancing with six teams. Both the South and the East brackets feature two Big XII teams but they won't even sniff the opportunity to play each other. That's not to say that the conference won't go far into the tournament though. In fact, I'm seeing a great chance for two schools to reach the Final Four.

Find out which one's after the jump or fill out your own bracket here and let us know how far you think the Big XII will go.

In the South Iowa State has a great #8 vs. #9 match up against Connecticut in the first round and while I see the Cyclones advancing past the Huskies they'll run into the Kentucky Wildcats in the next round ending their season. Don't take me wrong ISU, you've had a fantastic season but you got a really bad draw.

Baylor drew the #3 seed in the South and will have a scrimmage opening round game against South Dakota setting up a match up against the UNLV/Colorado winner to advance to the Sweet 16. The Bears will most likely face off against Duke in the Sweet 16 and while this isn't Coach K's typical powerhouse Blue Devils team they'll put an end to Baylor's season.

Kansas State drew the #8 seed in the East and of all the eights out there they got the best draw. They'll have to survive a pesky Southern Miss team in the opening round and will then face Syracuse who is the top seeded team in the East. I've never been a believer in The Orange and feel like they are the weakest of the #1 seeds and primed to be upset. That's where they Wildcats come into play but they won't be able to get past Wisconsin in the Sweet 16.

Texas is the #11 seed in the East and possibly find themselves in the worst spot of the six Big XII schools. They'll play Cincinnati in the first round and I'm not at all convinced that they'll survive their opener. If they do then they'll have Florida State waiting on them next and that'll be the final nail in the Texas basketball coffin.

The West and Midwest brackets are where the Big XII has the best opportunity for advancement. Kansas has the #2 seed in the Midwest and are going to face Detroit, St. Mary's and San Diego State before facing off against North Carolina or Michigan in the Elite Eight. Basically the Jayhawks are looking at a one game tournament to advance to the Final Four. San Diego State would pose the biggest threat before the Elite Eight but Kansas should still be able to advance.

Missouri has the same type of road map as Kansas in the West. The second seeded Tigers will face off against Norfolk State, Florida, and Murray State before hitting Michigan State or Louisville in the Elite Eight. Again, its a one game playoff for the Final Four which gives the conference a legitimate shot at landing two teams in New Orleans. It won't matter though because no one is beating Kentucky.

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