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Sooners Defensive End Geneo Grissom Suffers Broken Foot. Again.

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While there is always an excitement about spring football practices because, at least in some small way, it means football is back, there is also that ever present concern about guys getting injured. Unfortunately, the Sooners suffered an injury at a position they can ill afford to lose. Sophomore defensive end Geneo Grissom has reportedly suffered a broken foot while taking part in spring practices. If there is a silver lining to losing the talented young pass rusher, it's that the injury will not be season ending and he is expected to recover in time to take part in practices this summer.

Needless to say it's disappointing for Grissom both because he was fighting for a spot in the four man defensive end rotation and the fact that this has been a recurring problem. Grissom suffered a similar injury in high school that caused him problems and then aggravated the injury once he arrived in Norman which caused him to redshirt his first year. This most recent injury is believed to be his other foot, but clearly suffering injuries to both feet now cannot be considered a good thing. I'd venture to guess the young man feels a little snake bit at the moment.

Grissom came in with a reputation for being a potentially dynamic pass rusher and both due to injury as well as experienced and talented players ahead of him has yet to really make an impact. Hopefully this will prove to be a minor setback and he can come back with a vengeance this summer.

Sooner Nation is wishing you a speed recovery Geneo!