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Baseball Gets Bombarded By UT-Arlington 10-3 - Should We Or Shouldn't We Be Worried?

Through the first three innings of Wednesday nights 10-3 loss to UTA we pretty much saw a pitchers duel. Then UTA broke free for a run in the fourth and rout was pretty much on from there. Over the next three innings the Mavericks would plate nine more runs off Sooner hurlers while the Oklahoma offense was pretty much held at bay.

The Sooners finally got on the board when they scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh but it was too little too late by then as the damage had already been done. Oklahoma put the ball in play nine times, drew four walks but stranded 10 base runners.

Reason Not To Worry Over This Loss

It was a mid-week game and although Jonathan Gray had been a weekend starter he was moved to the developmental role of a mid-week starter. His final line was five innings pitched with five runs allowed on seven hits. The Sooners will throw stronger starting pitchers on weekends and in conference play.

Reason To Worry Over This Loss

As already mentioned, mid-week starters aren't the best pitchers on the staff and yet the Sooners struggled to plate runs against UTA. Couple that with Sunday's two-hit performance and Oklahoma's offense has been atrocious the last two games and has struggled all season. Hunter Lockwood and (4/5 from the plate with 2 RBIs) has been Oklahoma's best, and sometimes only, weapon and he's a true freshman.