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Big XII Basketball: NCAA Seeding Predictions & Bubble Teams

March Madness is just around the corner and talk surrounding the bubble teams is starting to heat up. There are a few teams in the conference who are a clear cut above the rest. With just a couple of games remaining on the regular schedule along with the conference tournament, there are a few teams looking to up their current seeding with an upset. Others will be looking to stay in their current position while avoiding an upset late or an early ousting by an inferior team in the conference tourney. So, who is in? Who is out? Who sits on the bubble? And where will each team fall when all the seedings are said and done?

Team Record Best Case Scenario Worst Case Scenario
Kansas Jayhawks 24-5 The Jayhawks made a great case for why they should be a #1 seed with a come from behind victory against the Missouri Tigers. Their record was tarnished by the Maui Invitational at the beginning of the season while their losses came by way of top teams. Now the Jayhawks sit atop the Big XII and could lock down a #1 seed with a good showing the conference tournament. At worst, the Jayhawks will find themselves sitting at a #3 seed. Their only questionable loss is to Davidson before conference play began. They certainly have a #2 locked down, but if they lose to Texas in the final regular season game or are outed early in Kansas City, it could set them back.
Missouri TIgers 25-4 Missouri could very well find themselves with a #1 seed as well. It will take a miracle for it to happen as they have failed to win the conference in the regular season. All four of their losses are in conference. Realistically, the Tigers are looking at a #2 seed. Anticipating a MU/KU Big XII final, MU could steal that #1 seed. The Tigers are on a two game skid that will be noticed. Iowa St. will be looking to make it three losses in a row as they travel to Columbia. The blemish on the Tigers' resume is to Oklahoma St. If this trend continues due to wear and tear, the Tigers are staring a #3 seed in the face.
Baylor Bears 24-5 At one point, the Bears were being argued for as the best team in the nation. They have quality wins over non-conference foes such as Miss St. and WVU. However, they were never able to best the top two teams in the conference. Some people might give them a nod on a #1 seed but they will, at best, end up as a #2 seed. The Bears have no real upsets in their "L" column unless you count a late season loss to KSU. The top three teams are all shoo-ins. Baylor will most likely end up as a #2 seed but the shifting in other conferences could bump them down to a #3 seed.
Iowa St. Cyclones 21-8 As a surprise team who hit that magic number, ISU will find themselves in the middle of the pack. There are a few teams they could pass up late from other conferences with their recent success that will push them up to a #7 or possibly a #6 seed. They can rest assured they will play an inferior team in the first round. Look for them to land as an #8. The remaining conference schedule sees some of the best in the nation. If they lose both of them, it will not hurt them very much. However, there is the possibility they drop down to a #9 or as low as a #10 if they are outed early in the conference tourney.
Kansas St. Wildcats 19-9 The Wildcats finish out the season against two opponents they should be able to handle. They played fairly poor in the second half of the season and have begun to plummet. At the moment, the best can do is earn a #9 seed. Yes, they have been falling from grace. The Wildcats have ceased to wow most everyone and it will hurt them late. They lost twice to Oklahoma. They will make the tournament but will slip. How far? Possibly to an #11 seed especially if OSU or aTm beats them in the coming days.
Texas Longhorns 18-11 Texas currently sits on that bubble. They have the potential to go 1-1 in their remaining schedule and will most likely fall short of the magic number of 20. Right now, the best they can hope for is a #13 seed that is if they get in at all. The worst case would be that the Longhorns do not make the NCAA's. They do sit in the bottom half of the conference with losses to OSU as well as Oregon St. Right now, I do not have them in the field
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 14-15 The Cowboys lost their NCAA hopes with a loss to OU. They are now holding out for a CBI bid. OSU will most likely finish the season sub .500, making it tough to get into the post season. They might have to sit out on March Madness.
Oklahoma Sooners 14-14 This was not a season in which many thought the Sooners would reach a post season tournament. The best case right now is that Oklahoma finds itself at 15-15 and due to the .500 record get a bid to the CBI. Worst case plain and simple is that OU will sit out on March Madness as well. Their conference record is what will hold them back.
Texas A&M Aggies 13-15 N/A N/A
Texas Tech Red Raiders 8-20 N/A N/A