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OU Basketball Recruiting - Bedlam 2.0 To Host Several Top Sooner Targets

Assuming you're not new here (and if you are, welcome!), you know we try and bring you as much football recruiting news as we can get our hands on. Plus the fact that football recruiting gets coverage like no other sport, so it's not we're neglecting our OU basketball teams but we just don't get the same kind of access to information.

So last year's disappointing season excluded, I think it's fair to say the football team is in pretty decent shape. Who isn't doing so hot however is our men's basketball team. So tonight, when are boys face Oklahoma State in Bedlam 2.0, not only will they be playing for pride. Not only will they be playing for possibly the last win on their schedule. They'll also be playing to try and impress some of OU's top recruiting targets.

Courtesy of the guys over at ESPN's Sooner Nation and Bob Przybylo's Twitter account (follow him), we've learned that the Sooners will be hosting several of their top 2013 targets. Point guard Stevie Clark, forward Shaq Morris, and guard Omega Harris will all be in attendance tonight. All three are local products and considered to be some of the top players for their respective classes (Clark & Morris are both 2013 guys, Harris is 2014). Przybylo also noted on Twitter that Juwan Parker and Jordan Woodard could also possibly attend the game tonight.

It remains to be seen, after a disappointing season this year, how serious any of the above are in their interest with Oklahoma but one thing is clear and that is the fact Lon Kruger is making a point to recruit inside the state. Which was something Jeff Capel seemingly refused to ever do (for the most part).

Video for all five guys after the jump.

Stevie Clark - Holds offers from Fresno State, Marquette, Providence, Tulsa, & Vandy

Shaq Morris

Omega Harris

Juwan Parker - Holds offers from Baylor, UGA, Memphis, Miss State, OU, OSU, Tulsa, & Vandy

Jordan Woodard - Holds offers from Memphis & OU