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Sooner Nation Replay: WVU's Big Move & The Week In Review

The topic of this week's show was the West Virginia Mountaineers' big move to the Big XII. From the up's and down's of the move to the coaching staff, from the possibility of WVU being a major player in their first season as part of the Big XII to establishing a new rival, SBN's The Smoking Musket's WVUIE97 is there to discuss it.

As the show rounds out, the disappointing week for Oklahoma's major sports comes up on the chopping block. It was not a great week to be a Sooner as baseball dropped the series to the Pepperdine Waves. There is a lot to work on with baseball as the focus goes from last season's bats to this season's bullpen.

To go along with that, the basketball team is on a current six game losing streak. They have a few incoming players but how much will it affect what this team is capable of? Sooner fans want a post-season bid but the chances are looking dim.