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Texas Basketball - What Sooner Fans Need To Know

The Texas Longhorns basketball program currently sits at 16-9 and 6-6 in conference. They most certainly have struggled against the top teams in the conference. However, this is a Valentine's Day rivalry game and the Sooners will play host to the young, inconsistent Longhorns. Looking at the track record put together by the Longhorns, currently on a 3-game winning streak will be looking to make it four as they make a push for the post season with the remainder of their season.

One of the more important things to take note of here with this Longhorn squad is that they boast 5 upper class-men on the roster, the rest are freshmen. The starting line-up consists of two seniors, one junior, and 2 freshmen but don't forget about bench play. Rick Barnes loves to dip into his reserves often times going nine deep.

The leading scorer for the Longhorns is none other than J'Covan Brown. Many will remember him for various reasons but one in specific will most likely stick out (I'll leave that for you to uncover). Brown is averaging 19.8 points per game on 42.1% shooting to go alongside 4 assists. However, Texas has four players shooting 51% or better. This team can and will get streaky. The only question is will the opposition be able withstand the surge and come back with one of their own?

Clint Chapman will be banging bodies with Andrew Fitzgerald and Romero Osby attempting to slow down the offensive glass for OU. Chapman pulls down 5.4 boards a game. His plus side is that he is no Shaq when stepping up to the charity stripe. Chapman nails 82.1% of his free throws which is almost unheard of for a center.

Myck Kabongo will be the point man and his favorite find will most likely be Brown. Oklahoma will need to slow down the veterans and make the youngsters handle the majority of the responsibilities if they hope to come out with a win. After the way OU played against Tech, there is almost no hope for this game in Norman unless Obi-Wan comes to the rescue.