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Sooners Hand Out Their First Official Offer To 2013 Quarterback

The Sooners first 2013 offer at quarterback was expected to be to a five star prospect, but the recipient of said offer may come as a surprise to some. Max Browne (Sammamish, WA) has confirmed to multiple recruiting services that he has received an official offer from Oklahoma and at least to this point, Browne is the only known offer at the position for OU thus far.

After his recent trip to Norman for Oklahoma's first Junior Day, many OU fans had expected five star Tyrone Swoopes to be the Sooners' first 2013 offer at the position. Just to be clear, this now confirmed offer to Browne does not mean Oklahoma will not still offer Swoopes or rule out the possibility that Swoopes could hold an OU offer and the recruiting services just haven't been able to confirm it.

But back to that talented Browne and what this offer could mean with respect to what the Sooners are looking for from the QB position in this 2013 class. As you can clearly see from Browne's highlights above, the young man is a very polished 'pro-style' passer especially for a high school junior. The two things that impress me the most are his footwork, which again for a h.s. junior is outstanding, and his athleticism for a kid who is 6'5" 200+ pounds. He's not just a statue back there, but when he does move around in the pocket you can clearly see him keeping his eyes down field. He's definitely more of that pro-style than a guy like Swoopes, but he's also in that mold that OU seems to favor of late in that he can also make plays with his legs when he needs to.

As we mentioned before, Browne is one of the early five star recruits for 2013 and is the #8 overall player and top QB in the Rivals Top 100. He already holds offers from Alabama, Arizona State, Cal, Clemson, USC, Washington, and Wisconsin with the strong likelihood that many more will come. It's obviously very early in the process so it's tough to gauge what OU's actual chances are of landing the young man might be. He seems to be aware of Oklahoma's success with the QB position based on a quote from an interview he gave of September of last year.

"Right now, my top three schools would be Oklahoma, USC and Stanford," Browne said. "With Oklahoma, I really like their passing offense and they have had some great success at the quarterback position. Jason White won a Heisman, Sam Bradford was the top pick in the draft and now Landry Jones is really lighting it up. - ESPiN