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Oklahoma Basketball: Worst Loss Of This Millenium?

Oklahoma is far removed from the Blake Griffin days. For most fans there are two games that stick out after the turn of the century in terms of losses. The first happens to come at the hands of the Chaminade Silverswords who hosted the Maui Invitational and beat the Oklahoma Sooners on November 24th in 2010.

Chaminade is a NCAA Division II level school. While it is always a nice trip to the island of Hawaii in the city of Honolulu, no one really expects Chaminade to garner any wins in the pre-season tournament they host against Division I talent. However, Oklahoma walked in with the idea they could not finish last. Not the case as the Silverswords pulled out a win over the Sooners 68-64. For the 2010-11 Sooner team, this was the beginning of the end of an era under Coach Jeff Capel.

Now a year later, Oklahoma was picked to finish last in the Big XII along side the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Yet, the Sooners were able to garner some attention and a few votes in the rankings with a strong start that gave fans a sense of false security. As the season is winding down, the Sooners have now taken a step back with a loss the Red Raiders who until this game remained a perfect 0-11 in conference.

Oklahoma took the trip to Lubbock as the heavy favorites in a must win situation. However, OU fell short as the Red Raiders used a second half run to seal the deal and never looked back downing the Sooners 65-47. This was a complete and utter embarrassment.

Now the question is posed to you, the reader. Which of these two losses happens to be the worst of the 2000's?