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Oklahoma At UTEP For a Football Season Opener?!?


Say it ain't so Joe (C.)! Is this really where we're at in our efforts to finalize the 2012 schedule? I mean really? We're so desperate we're willing to not just take a game with UTEP, which in and of itself isn't the worst game ever but certainly not a thrilling match up. But now we're willing to take a game at UTEP?! We're so desperate to fill our schedule that we can't convince a team to come to Norman for a beat down and a likely million dollar payday, instead we're willing to go to their place instead where they still likely get said beat down less said million dollar payday?

I'm not sure who to be more confused by in this situation. Joe C. for even considering this or UTEP for what we have to assume is a hard stance in refusing to come to Norman. Which is an obvious assumption on our part, but I can't fathom Joe C. willingly take a road game like this.

If the Big 12/OU schedule ever does get released, we'll obviously find out at some point if this is even accurate. I don't think any of us are all that optimistic about the quality of the two non-con games our Sooners are trying to fill, but I believe the thought was at least they'd be home games. If this report proves to be true, even that won't be the case.