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Sooner Nation Replay: 2012 Recruiting Class With ESPN Sooner Nation's Bob Przybylo

With the 2011 season in the books and nearly all the recruits the Oklahoma Sooners had been going after already having signed letters of intent with OU or another school, where does that leave us...evaluations. While it is never fair to grade out a class before they ever play a snap on the college level, ESPN Sooner Nation's Bob Przybylo joins us to break it all down. From who we should look at to have an immediate impact to the lack of linebacker recruits, we have it all. Not only do we dive in and take a look at the incoming class, we also take a look at 2013 prospects as Bob gives us the inside scoop. The Sooner coaching staff has taken an early and aggressive approach to the 2013 class but only time will tell if it will pay off.