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OU Football - 2012 Recruiting Might Not Be Done Quite Yet

It's been a good, but long day and we've got at least one more update for you.

You may remember our story introducing you to four star Arizona athlete Davonte Neal and his connection with OU coach Tim Kish. Neal had decided that he wasn't going to announce his decision today like most recruits and had hoped to take at least one more visit before choosing his college destination.

So at some point today in all the craziness that is National Signing Day, a story got out that Neal was very likely to sign with Ohio State. Several hours later, the same source of the original story (Mike Farrell of Rivals) reversed course and stated that Ohio State would in fact not be signing Neal.

Then there was another report from ESPiN that stated Neal would be taking his final trip to Arizona this weekend and be making a decision shortly there after. As usual, you can always count on the guys at SoonerScoop ($) to get the real story. They reached out to Neal's father who confirmed to them that the ESPiN report was not true.

So here is the latest info that I've heard, but as you know by now with recruiting things can change in a hurry so take this with a size of your choosing grain of salt. There is talk that Neal will still make the Arizona trip, but because it's in his home state he'll make it an unofficial (which basically means it on his own dime). Which would allow them to use his final official visit to make the trip to Norman. And the whispers around the OU program, largely I'm sure because of the family's relationship with Kish, the coaches think if they can get him on campus they'd have a very good chance of snagging one heck of a late addition to this 2012 class.

So keep your fingers crossed, because this could be a fairly major development. As always, we'll try to keep you as up to date as possible. A little more (potential) good news for you after a pretty darn good day already.