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CB Gary Simon Declares For Oklahoma On National Signing Day

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The talk had been out there for awhile that three star CB Gary Simon had been leaning heavily towards the Oklahoma Sooners and the talented Florida athlete removed all doubt with his announcement Wednesday morning.

Simon is the prototypical defensive back for Mike Stoops' system, at 6'1" 180 pounds with the frame to add size he'll hold up in both the run and pass game. His speed is described as "deceptive" which probably has more to do with his size as a CB than it does him not actually playing that fast. He has exceptional hands (he also played WR) and excels at attacking the ball at its highest point. Has a long wing span which he uses very well in defending passes. There is some speculation that he might grow into a safety, but he could be a future stud at corner back in my opinion. If Mike Stoops can improve/perfect his technique, he could be a legit 'put him out there on an island' type shut down corner.

In my own humble opinion, this has all the looks of a guy who flew under the radar somewhat for whatever reason and OU just got an absolute steal of a player. Now he'll have to put in the work of course for that to actually play out, but if he does look out because this kid could be really, really good.

Before committing to the Sooners, Simon held offers from Arkansas, Iowa State, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio State, and TCU among others.

Welcome to Sooner Nation Gary!