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Oklahoma Sooners 2012 Signing Day Live Thread

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The big day is finally here. The day where you can get way too excited about the decision of teenagers and not feel like a total weirdo. Well, a little bit less of a weirdo. Ok, not at all like less of a weirdo. But that won't stop us, so no reason it should stop you.

We'll be here all day to keep you as up to date as we possibly can, but don't feel like you can't take part as well. If you see/hear something before we can update the thread, please by all means post it in the comments as your help is always appreciated.

There could be a pleasant surprise or two as we wait on decisions from several OU targets, so check back with us often.

The guys we already know are in:

CB Kass Everett

TE Brannon Green

TE Taylor McNamara

WR Trey Metoyer

DE Chaz Nelson

DT Jordan Wade

Signed LOIs = It's now official:

WR Durron Neal

QB Trevor Knight

TE Sam Grant

OG John Michael McGee

ATH Daniel Brooks

WR Sterling Shepard

RB David Smith

CB Zack Sanchez

DE Michael Onuoha

DE Charles Tapper

OT Kyle Marrs

CB Gary Simon

C Ty Darlington

OT Will Latu

RB Alex Ross

WR Derrick Woods

WR Courtney Gardner

RB Damien Williams

LB Eric Striker