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Coaching Carousel Finally Reaches Big 12

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After a week of rumors surrounding Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy it was Texas Tech's Tommy Tuberville who became the first Big 12 coach to jump ship. Multiple sources are reporting today that Tuberville will be the next head coach at Cincinnati.

Jamie Squire

While it is debatable whether this is a lateral move for Tuberville (who apparently really wanted out of Lubbock) there's no question that this is a step down in conference competition. The Big East hasn't been a football power conference in quite some time and only seems to be getting worse. However, that may not be a bad thing for Tuberville who will step in for the recently departed Butch Jones.

Jones left Cincy to take the Tennessee job (coincidentally a job that Tuberville wanted) but he isn't the only Bearcats coach to move on to bigger and better. Just a few seasons ago Notre Dames Brian Kelly was roaming the sidelines in Cincinnati.

It was widely speculated that Tuberville was using Texas Tech as an opportunity to restore his image and coaching prestige. Now he'll move on to Cincinnati to do the same thing, and there's no question in my mind that he's not already thinking of his next move.

Read the pulse of Texas Tech fans (the seem to be thrilled, seriously!) on the Tuberville move at Viva The Matadors.