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OU Football 2012 - Tyrus Thompson Will Not Receive Suspension From The Big 12

The Big 12's director of officiating, Walt Anderson, said on Thursday that the conference would not be suspending Oklahoma's Tyrus Thompson following his actions in the TCU game.


Jake Trotter, of ESPN's Sooner Nation, reported on Twitter earlier today that the Big 12 has decided not to punish Oklahoma's Tyrus Thompson following the apparent punch/es he threw at TCU's Stansly Maponga during the OU/TCU game last Saturday.

As Trotter indicated above, the Big 12's director of officiating reviewed the play and determined that the 15-yard penalty was enough. Which, much to no one's surprise, kicked off a another round of faux, self-righteous outrage across the interwebs.

That aside however, the good news is the Sooners, baring some kind of self-imposed suspension (which is not likely given the Big 12's decision), will have Thompson available for their bowl game against Texas A&M. With Daryl Williams' status still up in the air, having Thompson will prevent Oklahoma from having to start redshirt freshman Derek Farniok at right tackle.