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Former Oklahoma Running Back, Adrian Peterson, Rooting For Johnny Manziel To Win Heisman

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Former Oklahoma great, Adrian Peterson, was quoted as saying he hopes Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman Trophy this Saturday.

"Hopefully, they don't rob him like they did me," Adrian Peterson, who lost by 328 votes to junior Matt Leinart in 2004, said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I hope he wins." - AP via Dallas Morning News

In a quote that will probably crush the spirits of many Oklahoma fan, it would appear former Sooner great Adrian Peterson is pulling for Johnny Manziel to win the Heisman Trophy this Saturday.

While disappointing for some possibly, you can certainly understand where Peterson is coming from after losing out on what at the time was a Heisman worthy season. Even more so now after the fact of course given the course of Peterson and Leinart's respective careers (which is of course a completely unfair standard of judgment).

Peterson went on to further explain his reasoning behind his support for the Texas A&M redshirt freshman quarterback.

"It's sad when you think about it, because the Heisman goes to the best player in the country so the voters shouldn't look at it and go over what they've done over their career," Peterson said. "If he's the best player that year? Then that's what it needs to be."

He (Manziel) has a fan in Peterson, who ran for an NCAA freshman record 1,925 yards at Oklahoma in 2004 and believes the only reason he didn't win the Heisman was because he was a first-year player. - AP via Dallas Morning News

In addition to being a freshman, many have always believed that Peterson and teammate Jason White split enough of the vote to also prevent the Oklahoma running back from winning the coveted trophy.

Regardless, Manziel looks to have a somewhat unexpected supporter in his corner when he hopes to bring just the second Heisman Trophy back to College Station.