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Bowl Game Snubs And Matchup Duds

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There’s no doubt that the BCS is watered down this season. In fact, over half of the games won’t even draw interest from me, other than an occasional score peek. I understand the system played out according to the rules but if there was ever any indication that the system needed to change it is found in this year's bowl schedule.

Aaron Murray is trying to figure out how an SEC Championship loss cost the Bulldogs a BCS bowl birth
Aaron Murray is trying to figure out how an SEC Championship loss cost the Bulldogs a BCS bowl birth
Kevin C. Cox

Oklahoma fans are upset, and rightfully so, about being left out of the BCS but that isn't the only fan base with an ax to grind going into the postseason. In my opinion the BCS itself got snubbed by its own formula, and is possibly giving us the worst postseason bowl schedule in the history of the BCS.

Left out of the Bowl Championship Series are teams like Oklahoma and Georgia and in their place are Louisville and Northern Illinois. Don't get me wrong here, I've always been in favor of the BCS busters. I enjoyed teams like Hawaii, TCU and Boise State having the opportunity to showcase themselves on the big stage of college football. However, what those teams did was earn the right to be represented in the BCS by going undefeated.

Louisville ended their season by losing two of their final three games to teams that have a combined 12 wins. Yes, I know that the Big East has an automatic tie-in to the BCS but there's also no questioning that the talent pool of that conference is no longer on par with the rest of the BCS conferences.


Northern Illinois won the MAC, a conference without an automatic tie-in, and landed in the Orange Bowl. Their resume included a twelve win season with the strongest victory coming against a two loss Kent State team, and a loss to a 4-8 Iowa team. Those are two of your 2012 BCS selections, ladies and gentlemen, guaranteed to provide the worst ratings in the history of the Bowl Championship Series.

How would you like to be one of the Florida schools? Sure they're excited about making it to the BCS but they also find themselves in no-win situations. Florida State should completely dominate Northern Illinois in the Orange bowl and if Florida/Louisville is closer for more than a half, in the Orange bowl, then it's because the Gators checked out before the game even started. If both Florida and Florida State win then it's no big deal because they're supposed to. However, if they lose then it's a very big deal. Just ask Oklahoma.

What did Georgia do to get left out of the BCS? They beat the Sugar Bowl bound Florida Gators by eight points in October and made it to the SEC championship game. Congrats to the Bulldogs on being punished for falling five yards shy of reaching the BCS championship. Your prize is a trip to Orlando to take on Nebraska in the Capital One bowl.

Speaking of Nebraska, how about their performance in the Big Ten championship game! Oklahoma fans need to look no further than to the Big Red to figure out why they're not playing Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

So how about Oklahoma, where they snubbed? Emphatically yes! The Sooners lost to Big 12 Champion Kansas State and possible BCS champion Notre Dame, yet they find themselves traveling to the Dallas Metroplex, for the third time this season, to play football. How can you not be excited about that (said in my best sarcastic tone of voice)?

It's kind of funny, but Oklahoma State got snubbed as well. The Cowboys finished fourth in the Big 12 and yet find themselves playing in the ninth best bowl option for the conference. It's a pretty sad state of affairs for, "a team on the rise," if you ask me.

Typically I'm the guy who sits down and watches all the bowl games. I really just can't help myself, I'm that much of a football geek. I really do like the BCS championship matchup between Alabama and Notre Dame, but beyond that there are only a handful of games this bowl season they get my attention. I'm not even excited about Oklahoma's Cotton Bowl matchup with Texas A&M. I guess if the bowl season was Christmas than I would most certainly be the Grinch. There's just not a whole lot out there to be excited about this year. Bring on the playoffs!!!