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Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot - Nothing Really New Here To See

You won't notice a whole lot of changes in my ballot this week because there really isn't a need to, until after the bowl games.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't punish Georgia for losing the SEC championship game. I figured that they had already been punished enough by the BCS. I don't even make a change from last week's ballot until #13 and #14. A reader had pointed out the Clemson shouldn't be ahead of Florida State and, as it turns out, I agreed and swapped them places.

UCLA probably shouldn't still be ranked but they gave Stanford a run for their money and therefore, I'm still giving them some credit. Nebraska and Texas are both gone from my ballot. There may not be a worse eight win team in America than the Texas Longhorns. The fact that they are still ranked in the coaches poll should have been our first indicator that things in the BCS were really going to be messed up on Sunday. Nebraska, I have no idea how to explain what you did in the Big 10 championship game but I know that embarrassing doesn't even scratch the surface of how bad it looked.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the ballot with me.