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OU Football 2012 - Several Sooners Exploring Their NFL Futures


It's that time of the college football year where players who are draft eligible begin to explore their possible NFL futures. And at a program the caliber of the University of Oklahoma, the Sooners are certainly no exception. The OU football team met again with the media on Monday and several of the players discussed what they had learned with respect to their NFL Draft grade evaluations.

First up was fan favorite Trey Millard:

It's been discussed here and elsewhere, but Millard leaving (as much as it would pain OU fans) makes sense on a number of levels. There is probably very little to be gained by coming back for another year of unpaid punishment. It's anyone's guess which direction he may be leaning, but there is no mystery as to which way OU fans are hoping for.

Causing further potential panic amongst Sooner Nation was an article from ($) which discussed a conversation they had with cornerback Aaron Colvin. Colvin was coy about revealing too much with respect to his draft grade simply stating that it wasn't a first round grade but it was "good news."

Colvin was a guy I'd suspect a number of OU fans were counting pretty heavily on coming back, and he still may, so talk of him leaving wouldn't necessarily be a surprise but it would be a significant loss. (1) Because he's a lockdown corner which are pretty much priceless and (2) if he leaves (and the assumption that Tony Jefferson leaves as well) Oklahoma would be looking at having to replace their entire secondary next season.

Finally, friend of CCM Jake Trotter posed an interesting question on Twitter and we wanted to get your take on it as well in the comments below. The gist of the question being of the four he listed, who would be the biggest loss?