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Sooner Nation Podcast: Season Wrap-Up & Bowl Outlook At 8:30PM (CST)

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The Sooners finished the season 10-2 and will be looking ahead to their bowl game. Info has leaked and it appears as though OU will be left out of the BCS. Where did they fall and who will their opponent be?


The Oklahoma Sooners have finished the season holding a share of the Big XII Title. Boasting a 10-2 season and being ranked inside the top twelve, OU was hoping to get the conference a second BCS bid. However, the BCS has apparently proven to be a complete and utter failure once again as info leaked out quickly to social media and spread like wild fire.

First up is the fact that we must talk about the Oklahoma at TCU Horned Frogs game. But...after that, you're guess is as good as mine as we delve into post season talk.

Just how far down does Oklahoma slide if officially left out of the BCS picture?

Who will their opponent be?

All this on tap and more! You'll want to join us as we wrap up the season at 8:30PM (CST)