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OU Women's Basketball 2012 - Sooners Lose At Home To Vanderbilt

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Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

In a game that could be very indicative as to what the rest of the season may hold, Oklahoma dropped a tough one 76-63 to Vanderbilt on Sunday afternoon. An Oklahoma team that has been ravaged by injuries was clearly worn down by the end of this one. A short bench coupled with 37% shooting from the field and a ridiculous 20 turnovers in the game all combined to produce the thirteen point deficit.

The Sooners trailed by ten at the half and were fortunate to even be that close. Oklahoma finished the first half with almost twice as many turnovers (15) as field goals made (8). Turnovers have always been a problem for Sherri Coale teams and this year's squad is certainly no exception. Admittedly, they improved on it by only committing five in the second half but when you're shooting as poorly as they did in this game you can't afford to lose any possessions.

The simple fact of the matter is this team will struggle to win games if they are not making their threes. Oklahoma made seven on Sunday, but that was on 22 attempts. Another issue in this game was second chance points, of which Vanderbilt got the better of the Sooners.

Aaryn Ellenberg lead the Sooners in scoring with 21 points and was joined in double figures by Nicole Griffin (11) and Morgan Hook (10). However, the problem now after all the injuries is this team only has only player who can create her own shot (Ellenberg). That same player is really this team's only legitimate scoring threat and OU opponents are aware of that. Griffin can be a threat inside, but only when she's aggressive taking the ball to the basket and that can vary significantly from game to game. So most opponents sag inside defensively to help on Griffin and hope that OU isn't making their threes on that particular night.

Obviously, no one can be blamed for all the injuries but that does not change the reality of what this season could become if Sunday was any kind of indication.