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Bowl Season Game Threads - It Starts Today!

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The college football bowl season is officially upon us. While the New Mexico and Idaho Potato Bowls may seem like small stuff to a few, to others it is the beginning of their final opportunity to drink in some college football before the season fades away into the dead of winter.

Christian Petersen

If you've not yet signed up for the official CCM Bowl Pick'em Contest then you'd better get it done before kickoff today. If you have already signed up then we want to hear your predictions. Who do you have winning?

M. Hofeld's Predictions

New Mexico Bowl

Arizona 31, Nevada 10

Idaho Potato Bowl

Utah State 25, Toledo 22

I'm so confident in those picks that I wagered an entire three points, in the pick'em contest, between the two of them. As the bowl season progresses we'll update the contest standings in each game thread. Make sure to stop by and let us know your thoughts.