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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Finally Land A 2013 Defensive Tackle

Turnabout is fair play as some say, so Oklahoma getting a commitment from now former Texas A&M pledge Kerrick Huggins was welcome news. To be fair, there was a report out earlier Friday that Huggins and the Aggies agreed mutually to part ways so this isn't exactly as if OU swooped in and stole him. There has been some talk that Huggins might be a possible grade risk, so maybe that had something to do with he and A&M parting ways? Regardless, Texas A&M was/is loaded at defensive tackle, especially after landing Justin Manning, so the loss of Huggins is hardly a significant blow.

Be that as it may, Huggins' verbal commitment is some long awaited positive news for and Oklahoma team desperate for defensive tackles in this 2013 class. He comes from a program, Skyline high school out of Dallas (TX), that is known for producing FBS talent on a regular basis. At 6'3" 285 pounds, he's already a big kid but moves very well for his size. Like a lot of high school players at his position, he tends to get by more often than not on his athleticism and pure strength as opposed to technique.

Huggins currently holds offers from just a handful of schools, but that has much more to do with him committing to Texas A&M all the way back in February of this year than it does his talents. The potential grade situation will definitely be a thing to keep an eye on over the coming months however.

That said, at least for now OU fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that the first defensive tackle is in the fold. Still plenty of work to be done at both that and other positions, but the first one is finally in the books.

Welcome to Sooner Nation, Kerrick!