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Josh Heupel A Candidate For Louisiana Tech Head Coaching Vacancy Per Multiple Reports

Reports are that Oklahoma offensive coordinator, Josh Heupel, could be a leading candidate for the Louisiana Tech head coaching vacancy.


According to multiple reports, Oklahoma co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel has, at a minimum, spoken with officials at Louisiana Tech about their head coaching vacancy and/or may even be their leading candidate for the position. was actually the first to report ($) Monday night about a possible interest from La Tech in the other half of that co-offensive coordinator title, Jay Norvell. However, it would appear that interest has shifted from Norvell to Heupel. Both ($) and are confirming that Heupel and La Tech have at least spoken.

It would be an interesting situation for Heupel, or any candidate for that matter, when you consider that La Tech's current athletic director is expected to be shown the door after their recent bowl game debacle. Would the temptation of a head coaching position, even with the potential instability, be enough to entice Heupel to leave?

If Heupel were to leave, it also creates a number of questions with respect to how Oklahoma and Bob Stoops would handle his departure. The natural assumption would be promoting Norvell as the lone offensive coordinator while also handing over play-calling duties, then bringing in a top notch quarterbacks coach (the name Chuck Long has already been floated out there online).

The only flaw in that logic would be Norvell being a head coaching candidate himself. There is some speculation that he could be under consideration for the Wisconsin opening after some previous contact between the two in the past.

While La Tech is a good job, especially for a would be first time head coach, it's somewhat difficult to envision Heupel taking it. Primarily for the reasons described above surrounding the current athletic director. It doesn't really make sense that Heupel would voluntarily insert himself into that kind of a situation for his first head coaching job.