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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Lose 2014 Verbal From One Of State's Top Running Backs

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Class of 2014 running back Devon Thomas' verbal commitment to Oklahoma lasted all of 23 days. As Sooner Nation's Bob Przybylo first reported ($) Monday night, Thomas confirmed his decommitment stating that he felt he made his decision too quickly.

Thomas' commitment at the time as surprising and while the timing of this came as a bit of a shock, there has been speculation ever since Thomas committed as to whether or not he'd ever wind up in Norman. Thomas dealt with some personal issues during his junior season and was forced to miss several games while serving a team imposed suspension.

Despite his decommitment, Thomas has said that Oklahoma is not out of it but that is fairly routine for a player and school that do not part on poor terms. Only time will tell whether or not interest remains on either Thomas or Oklahoma's part.

With or without Thomas in the fold, the Sooners primary focus at running back in the 2014 class was and will continue to be Nathan Starks.