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OU Football 2012 - Reserve Cornerback, Joe Powell, Facing Felony Drug Charges Per Report

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Oklahoma reserve cornerback, Joe Powell, facing felony drug charges according to report.

ESPN's Sooner Nation broke the story Monday afternoon that Oklahoma reserve cornerback, Joe Powell, was facing felony drug charges after receiving "four pounds of high grade marijuana."

According to a university spokesman, head coach Bob Stoops acknowledged he was aware of Powell's situation and that he junior had been suspended from the team since October.

Sooner Nation had a detailed account of Powell's arrest after speaking with the Cleveland district attorney, Greg Mashburn.

Mashburn said Powell had the package delivered to a friend's house on Oct. 8 under the guise that the package contained "shoes." When the package arrived, Powell had another friend go and pick it up and bring it to Powell's apartment, where a police surveillance team was stationed.

Mashburn said that Powell, 21, was waiting outside his second-floor apartment, took the package from the friend and disappeared around the building.

Police caught up with Powell at the University Greens apartments, where he confessed that the package contained marijuana.

Powell, however, told police that he was only holding the package until an unknown person picked it up and that he was only getting "a little bit of money or marijuana" to give to "the girls" (the two friends) for bringing him the package.

Powell then took police to where the package was hidden back at his apartment complex hidden between bushes and an air conditioning unit. Mashburn said that Powell was "cooperative" with police.

There had been rumors online for a week or two that Powell was no longer with the team, but nothing of this magnitude was expected as to the reasons why.

After the recent arrests of Jalen Saunders and Cortez Johnson, also on marijuana related charges, expect the critics to come out of the woodwork. However, can you really blame them?