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Oklahoma Forward D.J. Bennett Red-Shirt In Question?

The Men's Basketball team is looking to move forward. Experimentation has begun to find a solid rotation that works well late into the game. If the exhibition was any indicator, there is a single player whose future is still in limbo.


The Oklahoma Men's Basketball team is settling in already having an exhibition match under their belt. While the freshman shined, it was evident that Head Coach Lon Kruger is trying to figure out some sort of rotation. The most notable change was that Andrew Fitzgerald as well as Sam Grooms came off the bench. However, in the experimentation one player sparked a question in my mind more than any other.

The player under the microscope is none other than 6-8 210 forward, D.J. Bennett. It is no secret that Bennett can throw down a few monster jams but he will be more well known for his defensive abilities around and under the basket. Much of this is due impart of his 7-4 wingspan making him deceptively long.

Last week, Kruger held a presser and announced that he would be red-shirting not only freshman forward C.J. Cole but also Junior D.J. Bennett. At first glance, this would say that Kruger and his staff would look to move forward in their progress with the team while using Bennett only in practices. Such was not the case as Bennett made an appearance in the exhibition game this past Friday evening.

Yes, it was a short appearance, but it was an appearance none the less. Yet, it begs the question of if Bennett will receive that red-shirt or not.

Assuming everything goes according to the original plan and Bennett does indeed red-shirt this season, it will set up the Oklahoma Sooners with a plethora of depth in the post next season. Ryan Spangler is being required to sit out this season due to the transfer rule but will join Bennett and Amath M'Baye (if he stays for a senior season). Add to that the incoming freshman and things are looking up.