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Friday Locks – Rapid Fire Version

Its time once again for our weekly feature in which Jordan proves he's a genius and Rich and myself prove we are basically idiots.


Friday Locks and the CCM Pick'em Contest is sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn And Suites

Jordan wins the season, once again, and we all bow down because we are not worthy.


Last Week












Oklahoma State (-4) at Baylor - Not a lot of defense going to be played in this one. I think the Cowboys play angry coming off a game I'm quite certain they think they should have won. Baylor will keep it interesting, but I think Okie State will be too much.

Georgia Tech (+14) vs. Florida State - Lot of things not in FSU's favor here (I mean aside from their super human, physical specimen loaded roster of course). Mark Stoops bailing, possible assistants going with him, rumors about Jimbo, Manuel hurting. I think the Noles probably win, but not by enough to cover.

Nebraska (-3) vs. Wisconsin - I haven't been impressed by a single NU game this season and as such have lost just about every game of theirs that I've picked in going against them. So it will make perfect sense when I pick them here and they fail to cover. You've been warned.


Stanford (-8.5) vs. UCLA - Haven't we seen this somewhere before?

Oregon State (pick) vs. Nicholls - Forgive me for going the easy route here but I need the win.

Texas (+11.5) at Kansas State - Regardless of how bad I actually want the Longhorns to win this game, they most likely are not going to. However, it should be noted that Texas is undefeated in true road games this season and I think that's at least good enough to win against the points.


Georgia (+7.0) vs Alabama - Media has hyped this Bama team like none other. However, I think Georgia is better than what people are going to be giving them credit for this time around due to the past. I'm taking the upset in this one against all odds.

Stanford (-8.5) vs UCLA - If Stanford did it last week, why should I pick against them this week?

Wisconsin (+3.0) vs Nebraska - This is a game that also played out earlier this season. After leading by 17, Wisconsin gave up the lead and the win. I expect them to remember that fail and use it as motivation to win this one outright.