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OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Add Another In 2013 Class

Oklahoma picked up their 14th verbal commitment in the 2013 class Tuesday night in Norman North linebacker and OU legacy, Jordan Evans.

Norman North 2013 Linebacker, Jordan Evans
Norman North 2013 Linebacker, Jordan Evans

The Oklahoma offer Jordan Evans (VIDEO) received this past weekend was a long time in the making, but once it did finally come many believed it was just a matter of time before he committed to the Sooners. Tuesday evening those people were proved correct when Evans confirmed multiple reports that he had in fact committed.

It wasn't before a local radio personality jumped the gun earlier in the day proclaiming they were the first to know what everyone knew was eventual, but apparently it was important enough to them to "report" it first that ruining a recruit's special moment took priority. Congratulations, guy.

That aside, Oklahoma has again secured a commitment from one of the top in-state players and one who is in the midst of a phenomenal senior season. So good in fact, Evans and his fellow Norman North Timberwolves will be taking on perrenial powerhouse Jenks in this weekend's 6A state championship.

For those who are unfamiliar, Evans is the son of former Sooner defensive lineman Scott Evans. Despite being an OU legacy, he has said that there was no pressure from any of his family to follow in his father's footsteps at Oklahoma. However, his family is of course ecstatic with his decision and will have the opportunity to attend most, if not all, of his home games.

As for Evans as a player, he's a 6'3" 205 pound linebacker for Norman North, but he also plays offense and even returns punts. In fact, he has multiple punt returns for touchdowns this season. And that was one of the many reasons Oklahoma fans had been screaming for the Sooners to offer Evans well before this past weekend. Never mind the fact he's in your own backyard, or having a huge senior season, when you have a kid at that size and that athletic, returning punts for touchdowns, you offer him and worry about where he's going to play later.

To that point, Evans has said the Oklahoma coaches have told him he could be a linebacker, defensive end, or even safety. Ultimately, his position will of course depend on how he develops once on campus and in a Division I strength and conditioning program. Maybe that had something to do with the delay in his offer? Maybe the assumption of other schools, thus explaining his lack of significant offers, that if Oklahoma did eventually offer, their hard work would be all for not? Obviously, none of that matters now as Evans becomes the Sooners No. 14 verbal commitment in the 2013 class.

He is a perfect example of why Oklahoma typically recruits the way that they do as opposed to filling up their class too early (like, say Texas). The OU coaches will usually hold spots in their class for kids who develop a little later or emerge as seniors, which is exactly what happened with Evans. He wasn't even really on Oklahoma's radar earlier this year, but he's simply been too good ignore.

Welcome to Sooner Nation (officially), Jordan!