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OU Football 2012 | Film Study | Bedlam | Second Half

Some years, the term 'Bedlam' hasn't really been appropriate for this game. Saturday was not one of those days.

Brett Deering

Crazy first half. Second half = more of the same. We'll jump right in.

* Welp, that didn't take long. Tony Jefferson took a lot of heat for this 75-yard touchdown and somewhat understandably so, but my question would be why is he covering Josh Stewart one-on-one in the first place? Oklahoma doesn't blitz on this play, so I'm not sure how it would make sense to ask a guy who isn't really stellar in coverage to match-up with OSU's best receiver. Either way it's a huge play for OSU. 31-24 OSU

* Oh, and that was another point where I would have bet you just about anything OU was going to lose this game.

* Roy Finch's mandatory lone touch on a kickoff return where he makes us all shake our heads and wonder for the umpteenth time why he never touches the ball on offense.

* I can't help but point out the irony, as many of you did in the game thread, of the announcer proclaiming, as Trey Millard hurdles a defender, that it's a "play you don't see very often from a fullback." Guy obviously did his prep work for this one.

* Nice 45-yard field goal from Michael Hunnicutt, wind aided of course, but still nice. 31-27 OSU

* Brennan Clay was running hard in this game and not just on that final touchdown run.

* For all the crap he's taken, I'm not sure there's ever been a quarterback at OU who makes that throw down the seam, just over the linebackers, better than Landry Jones does.

* Flat-out shocking to see Trey Millard fumble the ball.

* 3rd Q, 6:44 - 2nd & 6 OSU from the OU 21. Again, Jordan Phillips flashes meeting Jeremy Smith in the hole and standing him right up. Very impressive.

* 3rd Q 6:07 - 3rd & 6 OSU. Very next play, outstanding job by Clint Chelf to hang in and make a first down throw. He takes a big hit from Julian Wilson who came completely untouched on a blitz right in his face. That's what you have to do as a quarterback and I'll just leave it at that.

* Oklahoma obviously didn't record a bunch of sacks in this game, but they've hit Chelf a lot.

* I'm fairly certain OSU could have just handed it off to Randle and pretty easily have won this game. He's ripping off chunks of yards.

* 3rd Q, 0:37 - 2nd & 8 OSU from their 37. Aaron Colvin comes on the corner blitz like he's shot out of a cannon. Can't believe that ball didn't come out, but it's a sack and ten yard loss. Huge play for a defense that didn't have many in this game.

End of the 3rd Quarter, OSU leads 38-30.

* Okay, watching Jalen Saunders' punt return and OSU fan has a pretty solid argument with this Jaydan Bird block. Not sure if that was the one they're referring to or if there was another one, but Bird's is pretty clearly a block in the back. If they wanted one on Sharp at the very end, that's just ludicrous. All that aside, what a return! First time in quite awhile OU has had that kind of game changing type play on special teams. Obviously much needed two point conversion to Brown to tie up the game. 38-38, all tied up (again).

* Crowd is legit crazy after that punt return/two point conversion. Can only imagine what it was like to be there.

* 4th Q, 14:31 - 1st & 10 OSU from their 17. HUGE sack from Tom Wort to immediately put OSU behind the chains, which eventually leads to a three and out.

* Unfortunately, OU cannot capitalize as they come back with a three and out of their own.

* Really dirty, cheap shot from #6 for OSU on Julian Wilson on punt coverage. Blatantly brings the crown of his helmet up under the chin. No place for that in this game, rivalry or not.

* 4th Q, 10:41 - 1st & 10 OU from their 25. Ridiculous catch from Brown with the OSU corner draped all over him, justifiably drawing the obvious pass interference call. Nice throw from Jones as well.

* Not exactly in-depth analysis on my part, but very much looked like on that Blake Bell pass he had one read and if it wasn't open to just throw it away (which he did). Of course, he picks up the first down conversion on the very next play.

* Not sure I've ever seen a team run the slip screen to the running back worse than Oklahoma has in this game.

* Feels like Brown has had 75 catches in this game.

* I was ready to pull my hair out at the time, but after the fact you really have to commend OU's clock management to end this game. Given what their defense had done, 30 seconds would have been too much time to leave on the clock. They played it about as close to perfect as you can in my opinion. But I'm getting ahead of myself . . .

* 4th Q, 0:10 - 4th & goal OU from the OSU 4. While impressive at the time, this Blake Bell touchdown run is even more so when you go back and watch it in slow motion. He takes the snap, hesitates (suck it, Ed Cunningham!) ever so as he allows Millard and Aaron Ripkowski to come across as they pull from right to left. An OSU defender comes diving at Bell's ankles from out of nowhere and he makes a ridiculous move for a man of his size to avoid it, hurdling the guy before regaining his feet just in time. And I say just in time because he's met at the three yard line by an OSU defender. Unfortunately for OSU, that defender is 5'8" 185 pound Broderick Brown who is no match for the 250+ pound Bell. You know the rest. He lowers his shoulder and runs right through Brown's attempted tackle. Tie ball game (pending the PAT, of course)! 45-45, all tied up (AGAIN).

* Don't want to call it luck on that Blake Jackson drop in overtime because Tony Jefferson was right there, but it really looked like a ball Jackson should have caught. He didn't and OU gets what would prove to be the game deciding stop on third down.

* I would have bet you my life savings that (1) Heupel never would have called back-to-back run plays in overtime (2) let alone that the second could have resorted in the game winning play. What's interesting is it (Clay's TD run) appears to be the initial call. They check with the sideline prior to the snap and look to stick with the original call.

* So Brennan Clay takes the handoff and runs into a mass of humanity for what looks surely to be a minimal gain at best. Only he squirts out of it . . . then runs into another group of players just a yard past the previous pile . . . but then he lowers his shoulder and demolishes Daytawion Lowe . . . he refuses to go down . . . HE BREAKS ANOTHER TACKLE . . . AND HE BURSTS INTO THE END ZONE!!!!!!!!

51-48. Game. Over.