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OU Football 2012 - Bedlam Celebration Thread

Brett Deering

Sooner Magic.

There simply no other words for what we all just witnessed.

Oklahoma probably didn't deserve to win the game, but at the end of the day they found a way to pull it out. They just don't get much sweeter to that one.

Props to Brennan Clay for an incredible run to end it and so many other guys who showed up tonight. Kenny Stills, Jalen Saunders, Justin Brown, Trey Millard, Blake Bell, Aaron Colvin, and on and on. And of course Landry Jones, who without there is ZERO chance Oklahoma wins these last two games. They weren't all perfect, but a win erases a lot of those mistakes.

This win certainly doesn't change the fact this OU team has some major, major issues, but nobody cares about those for at least tonight.

This is your Bedlam celebration thread and if there was ever a Bedlam game that deserves some celebration it's this one.