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OU Football 2012 - Thanking Our Seniors

Thank you, seniors!

Christian Petersen

Senior Day is always a little bittersweet. Honoring all those who will be playing their final game on the hallowed Owen Field, while also coming to the harsh realization you'll no longer have the pleasure of making the trek to Gaylord Memorial Stadium to watch these guys again.

Very few of us as fans have the opportunity to properly thank our seniors for all that they have given us over their four (or more) years on campus. Even if we had that chance, it would probably be difficult to truly put into words. Many would argue these players get a lot, but few are aware of just how much they give up as well. The demands on their time are great, sacrifices must be made, and at a program like Oklahoma the expectations placed upon them are unfairly high.

Yet here they are, many having handled their time here with a class unrivaled by most and, in some cases, woefully under appreciated.

So, in our own small way, we take this forum and opportunity to thank all of those seniors who will be honored today. Some have made greater contributions than others, but no matter the accomplishment you are and will forever be Sooners.

And for that, Sooner Nation thanks you.

Here is your 2012 senior class: Jamarkus McFarland, Stacy McGee, David King, Derrick Bradley, Lane Johnson, Casey Walker, Jaydan Bird, Patrick O'Hara, Jesse Paulsen, Tress Way, Joel Ossom, Daniel Franklin, Javon Harris, Justin Brown, Lamar Harris, Landry Jones, R.J. Washington, Dominique Whaley, Demontre Hurst, and Joseph Ibiloye.