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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

Waiting for the evening kickoffs is always tough, but the early games usually make the time go by quicker.


The Big 12 features one of three Top 25 match-ups this week. As usual, we'll be here discussing today's action as we approach kickoff for the Sooners and Mountaineers. Feel free to hangout and discuss the action with us!

Big 12 Schedule

2:30 - #23 Texas Tech at #24 Oklahoma State

6:00 - Iowa State at Kansas

6:00 - #12 Oklahoma at West Virginia

7:00 - #1 Kansas State at Baylor

The SEC should flat out be embarrassed by their schedule this weekend. So much so that I'm too ashamed to even post their games here. You can expect some computer rankings to drop this weekend. Doesn't mean there aren't some other games outside of the Big 12 to keep an eye on though.

National Games Of Interest

2:05 - #18 USC at #17 UCLA

7:00 - #13 Stanford at #2 Oregon