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Friday Locks: Loving Me Some Big 10

The Big 10 Conference is a hot topic in our picks this week.

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For all the grief that we give Rich, we have to give him credit when he's due. Now is that time! Surprisingly, Jordan had a bad weekend and routinely I did as well. However, the big news coming from last week was that Rich broke his streak and finished the weekend with the best record. Can he continue that into this weekend?


Last Week












Mississippi State (-6.5) vs. Arkansas - At home, against Arkansas? Am I missing something here? I think they can cover that touchdown against an awful Arkansas team

Michigan (Pick) vs. Iowa - Admittedly, this one is a bit of a cheat on my part as the line has yet to be nailed down due to the status of Denard Robinson, but if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin', right?

USC (-3.5) at UCLA - If you can call a game neither fan base really gets that riled up for a rivalry game, give me the Trojans to cover here and avoid getting the shaft (have fun with that one, you know who you are).


Michigan (Pick) vs. Iowa - Iowa has had a horrible season this year and a trip to the Big House is going to equal another loss for the Hawkeyes.

Penn State (-18) vs. Indiana - With all due respect to Kevin Wilson, this is a game that could get out of control very early.

Wisconsin (-2.5) vs. Ohio State - I guess I'll make it an all Big 10 theme this weekend. Give me the Badgers to either play it really close or pull the upset.


Kansas St. (-13) vs Baylor - Once again, I have no questions about the ability of KSU with Collin Klein at the helm. Bill Synder provides a great game plan that keeps the opposing offense off balance while giving his defense the best chance to succeed.

Wake Forest (-24) vs Notre Dame - The Fighting Irish have played close games all season long. With a freshman QB, that should be expected and while I am not confident that WF can keep this one close, 24 points seems a bit high to me.

Arizona (-1) vs Utah - Two teams with many weaknesses will square off and I'll take Zona with the outright win on the road.