Top Ten Reasons Why OU Will Blow it Saturday

Something weird is going on in Norman. Oklahoma has two losses this season. And while they were favored in both, OU's two losses came to teams they just are not as good as. Typically, Oklahoma loves to lose to teams they are not supposed to. And with Oklahoma beating everyone they truly should, can the Sooners find a way lose to Morgantown? I mean, they almost dropped their games to Iowa State and Baylor if a few things don't go Oklahoma's way. So WVU should have a solid chance. Here are the top reasons why:

10. Oklahoma may finally be whiter than West Virginia In a day and age where universities have the capabilities to produce really good-looking stuff through their students and put it up on the internet for all to see, some should just refrain. West Virginia is pretty white, but along with every county voting Romney president, Oklahoma may be the whiter state with the upload of this video. Maybe it is not a solid reason why the Sooners will lose, however, it makes you feel a little inferior. Doesn't it?

9. Stoops burns more timeouts than WVU fans burn couches. The timeout management by Bob Stoops this season has been absolutely terrible. Honestly, these guys should not need a timeout two minutes in to the first quarter in order to get lined up correctly, know the play, and execute. Seriously guys, don't let the sound of the thousands gathered in Morgantown get to you.

8. Dominique Whaley still won't be able to get out of his shift at Subway. If Damien Williams or Brennan Clay were to go down, what is going to happen to the OU run game? It is not like we can just put in Roy Finch, that's just preposterous. Hopefully, the injury bug does not claim any victims this week at practice or at the game.

7. The "Gold Out" will terrify Landry Jones. Remember last time OU went in to a gold environment on the road? Yes, the Missouri game? Well, I'd be on high "Put in Blake Bell" alert, because it could be a long one for Jones.

6. Like Everett Golson, Geno Smith will remember how to play football. I mean, it is a matter of time before he misses the days of being a Heisman candidate. It was only a couple of months ago, so Geno has to be missing the national spotlight.

5. Tavon Austin will burn more OU DBs than WVU fans burn couches. Be very afraid for the OU secondary and what Mike Stoops might to do to them the minute they mess up.

4. The Law of Gus will come in to play. If this one gets tight, which it more than likely could. How many times does OU actually make a spectacular play or put together a last minute drive to win the game? Gus Johnson's powers will come in to play, and Oklahoma will not benefit from it.

3. Instead of winning out and hoping for a Fiesta Bowl bid, OU will ensure a trip to Glendale. It just would not be bowl season without OU in the desert, and getting to the Buffalo Wild Wing Bowl is more in OU's control. I mean, the Sooners will do everything it can to get to their second home in Glendale, AZ.

2. OU will try to get in good with WVU basketball. If OU embarrasses West Virginia football too bad, the Mountaineers may take out their frustration on the OU basketball team. And that's something nobody wants.

1. Lee Corso actually predicted a Texas A&M win over Alabama, so anything is officially possible. Like seriously, forget all the prophets throughout humanity, Lee Corso is the one we shall follow. And if he is in fact a wizard, Oklahoma could very well lose Saturday.

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