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OU Football 2012 | Film Study | Baylor | Second Half

Brett Deering

If you haven't already, you can read our recaps on the OU offense here and defense here. As for this post, I'm going assume you know the drill by now so we'll jump right into things.

* Florence finally connects with Williams here early in the 3rd Quarter for a big gain. You would have thought after that late touchdown, Baylor might have come out hanging their heads. Clearly that was not the case, so credit them for that. Fortunately, Oklahoma holds them to a field goal. 28-20 OU

* Roy Finch's one and only allowed touch in the game on a really nice kickoff return. Setting up OU with excellent field position only to have Damien Williams fumble on the very first play.

* I just don't have it in me to sit here and single out another instance in which Tom Wort fails to make a tackle.

* 3rd Q, 9:51 - 2nd & 11 OU from their 35. For the life of me, I cannot possibly tell you what Landry Jones could have been looking at on this interception. Kenny Stills is bracketed between two defenders, yet Jones tries to force it in because he never comes off his initial read. Just a horrible decision with the football, not much else to say.

* Lache Seastrunk is breaking ankles in this game. Baylor's got a good one.

* And on cue he punches it into the end zone on a third effort run where the OU defense had him stood up two different times, but he kept his legs churning and fought his way in. That, my friends, was pretty depressing to watch. Baylor goes for two to try and tie it, but fails to convert. 28-26 OU

* 3rd Q, 3:56 - 1st & 10 OU from the BU 32. Trey Millard delivers the kill shot. Play-action to Millard who then rolls out into the flat to take the check down from Jones. The Baylor safety comes over to try and make the tackle, Millard lowers his shoulder, and puts the kid in the dirt, literally. It gets up to admire his handiwork as he casually strolls back to the huddle. Dude is a bad man.

* 3rd Q, 2:16 - 2nd & 9 OU from the BU 17. Another nice touchdown run for Williams, but once again you have to credit just how well this play is blocked. The entire offensive line crashes down hard to their right and getting fantastic blocks from Tyrus Thompson and Adam Shead. Aaron Ripkowski is left to clean up the backside and boy does he ever. Williams makes a really nice read to again bend his run back and the guys in front of him have cleared a path I could run through. It's about ten yards down field before a defender gets close, then he pulls a jock removing type move of his own undressing the Baylor safety between him and the end zone. 35-26 OU

End of 3rd Quarter with OU leading still leading 35-26.

* 4th Q, 14:29 - 3rd & 1 OU from their 45. Blake Bell is about to show off his wheels. Not surprisingly, this is another play that almost could not be blocked more perfectly. I say almost because off all the people in on this play, Trey Millard actually does very little other than falling down.

Anyway, so Bell takes the snap and hesitates (DID YOU READ THAT ED CUNNINGHAM, YOU DOUCHENOZZLE) as Millard and Ripkowski pull around from right to left. Fortunately, Millard's man winds up taking himself out of the play by overcommitting. Ripkowski however pulls thru the hole and absolutely swallows up his man leaving nothing but open field for Bell. It's also well worth pointing out the job Kenny Stills does down field on his man as well which only makes it that much easier for Bell once he cuts it back into the middle of the field. Admittedly, not the most fluid of running motions on Bell's part but he also wasn't getting caught from behind anytime soon. 55 yards later, it's 41-26 OU.

* Yet another fortunate drop for Oklahoma on Baylor's part as Tevin Reese misses a sure fire touchdown catch. The fact Baylor receivers were running behind this OU defense all night only wasn't the major storyline in the game because of drops and overthrows. It's shocking to think just how easily this could have been a loss if Baylor connects on even half of them.

* Honestly, I'm not sure why Oklahoma ever runs out of a formation that isn't the Diamond with Millard and Ripkowski on the field.

* Not really sure what the point was of giving Blake Bell this drive in the fourth quarter and refusing to let him throw the ball even once. I think we can all agree the OU offense next year isn't just going to be Bell sweep left, Bell sweep right. Why wouldn't you use opportunities like this to try and get him some experience throwing the ball in live action?

* Baylor gets the ball back with about six or so minutes to go and is about to embark on a 19 play, 80 yard scoring drive. You read that right, 19 plays. I mean, I understand Oklahoma is up by sixteen points here and the game is essentially over, but my word. How on earth do you allow a team that's all but defeated a 19 play drive unless you simply don't care about allowing them a garbage time touchdown?

* This really isn't relevant to this point in the game, but I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to single it out. Could easily have been one of the better games we've ever seen Gabe Lynn play. He was his usual stout self in run support, but made multiple quality plays in pass defense which is something we've almost never seen from him. It was more than a little encouraging, hopefully he can build on it going forward.

* Again, here late in the game Oklahoma looks completely lost on defense as Frank Shannon comes running on very late or OU would have defended a fourth down with just ten players on the field.

* Seastrunk apparently wasn't satisfied with just one jock strap removal type touchdown run as he tallies another here late. Baylor makes the two point conversion setting themselves up for an onside kick and potential game tying drive. 42-34 OU

* Fortunately, Oklahoma recovers the onside attempt and assumes victory formation.

Certainly not the most stellar of performances, but a win nonetheless. Setting up a big game next week against on the road against West Virginia. And don't let anyone try to convince you it isn't a big game just because it doesn't have the national/Big 12 implications we thought it once might. WVU is a desperate team and it's obviously a road game, at night, for Oklahoma which comes with all kind of demons. But we'll have more on that all week, so make sure to check back with CCM early and often.