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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Record Uninspiring Win Over Baylor, But A Win Nonetheless

A win is a win as they say, I guess.

Brett Deering

Oklahoma was the benefactor of multiple Nick Florence overthrows that could have made this game much more interesting. The Sooners run defense was horrible, giving up over 250 yards and repeatedly failing to defend the quarterback draw (Nick freaking Florence ran for 83 yards!).

To top off a thoroughly underwhelming day, CCM's 1,000 comment streak came to a depressing end.

The OU team and Sooner Nation came into this game with an apathetic approach and it obviously showed up on Owen Field and in our game thread.

Yes, it's a win. But this is yet another game where an Oklahoma team, on their home field mind you, plays down to their competition for a less than inspiring win. Do Bob Stoops' teams know how to put their foot on an opponent's throat and not let it off in any game besides Texas? Sure seems like they don't.

And that's a problem.