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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

There's plenty of college football action for Oklahoma fans today, both before and after the Sooners play.


The college football regular season heads into its final month and there's still plenty to be unsettled. Kansas State still rules the Big 12 and each week the Wildcats get closer and closer to an outright conference championship. On the national scene there are four teams that are pretty much interchangeable, with all four of them having a legitimate claim to the BCS championship game. Will any of that change today?

Big 12 Schedule

11:00 - Iowa State at Texas

11:00 - Kansas at Texas Tech

2:30 - West Virginia at Oklahoma State

2:30 - Baylor at Oklahoma

6:00 - Kansas State at TCU

National Games Of Interest

2:00 - Oregon State at Stanford

2:30 - Texas A&M at Alabama

6:00 - Mississippi State at LSU

So, what did I miss? You tell us the games that you're looking at and why they interest you. We'll be here all day, talking college football so feel free to add to the discussion.