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Julius Randle To Oklahoma Could Become A Reality

The Oklahoma Sooners have set their sights on a top prospect. The reality that he could end up in Norman is a possibility and will thrust Oklahoma back into the tournament scene.

When it comes down to it, Julius Randle remains one of the top targets in the nation under the umbrella of the basketball recruiting scene. While he an NBA talent and most likely a one-and-done, it does not rule him off any schools's list. With all the talent that this kid possesses, he gets a slight bonus from the fact that he is a south-paw.

After this weekend things may have been shaken up just a bit. The Oklahoma Sooners football program played host to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a show down of powerhouse teams filled with tradition. While it was a great atmosphere for football recruiting, a few basketball recruits decided to show up as well with Randle being one of those.

Julius got his first up close look at how Lon Kruger was running this program along with the system the Sooners are going to play throughout the season. The key now becomes if Randle sees himself excelling in the system that has been put on the floor?

It was an unofficial visit but word coming out of those with insider knowledge are saying that the visit was a solid one. Not only that, but Randle has taken a liking to Lon Kruger and wants to stay closer to home. For a Dallas product that bodes well as the Sooners are the closest in proximity to Dallas than any other school remaining on his list.

The tides may very well have changed for Oklahoma and Julius Randle as a Sooner could become a reality.