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OU Football 2012 - Where Would The Sooners Turn If Damien Williams Can't Go Saturday?

Oklahoma's starting running back, Damien Williams, is reportedly questionable for Saturday's game against Iowa State after suffering an ankle injury in the Notre Dame game.

Ronald Martinez

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops met with the media following Wednesday night's practice and revealed that starting running back, Damien Williams, practiced but was limited due to the ankle injury he suffered last Saturday against the Irish. Stoops also said that Williams was "questionable" for this week's game against Iowa State and that he would provide another update Thursday night.

If Williams is unable to go Saturday, it would be Captain Obvious type bad news for an Oklahoma running game coming off a less than stellar performance against Notre Dame and preparing to face the No. 38 rush defense in Iowa State. So where would the Sooners turn should Williams not be able to go?

Interestingly enough Stoops said on Wednesday that Dominique Whaley (Option #1) would get the start if Williams is held out. The same Dom Whaley who has been held out of the last two games, but is "just fine" according to the Sooners head coach. Assuming you can take him at his word, we've still yet to really see the old Whaley in the limited carries he's received so far this season. So how likely is it that he can be counted on Saturday?

Even if you assume Whaley can go and does in fact start, he's still probably not healthy enough to shoulder the load for an entire game. Which means he'll be splitting carries with someone, but who might that be?

Option #2 - Brennan Clay

The obvious choice, clearly. Surprisingly, Clay has been the guy ahead of Whaley these last two games and as we all know is a player the coaches trust implicitly. Despite not being the most explosive back, he's reliable as a guy who won't put the ball on the ground. Prior to last Saturday, he had looked as good as he's ever looked during his career at Oklahoma.

Option #3 - Trey Millard

We know he's more than capable. Whether or not that's as the primary ball carrier (highly unlikely) or simply as one of several to help shoulder the load, Millard is certainly a viable option. And one, quite honestly, that makes the most sense against against a stout Iowa State run defense and coming off a game where he was the only guy who had anything resembling success against the Irish.

Option #4 - Roy Finch

Seems like one heck of a third option, right? I've given up trying to figure out why, after the better part of three years, he's still not a part of this Oklahoma offense. Whether it's his practice habits, attitude, Stoops' doghouse, there is all kind of talk out there. Frankly, the reasons why at this point are irrelevant. He's either an option or a guy the coaches will only turn to in an emergency. If Williams doesn't play Saturday and we still don't see Finch, we'll have our answer.

Option #5 - Alex Ross

Would they really burn his redshirt seven games into the season? I think they have enough options to avoid doing so, but Stoops has done it in the past if he felt it necessary. It would be a shame as the talk surrounding Ross ever since he arrived this past summer as been borderline ridiculous. Hopefully it does not come to this.