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BlogPoll Ballot, Week 6: The Day It All Changed

Last weekend provided us with the craziest Saturday of the 2012 college football season. Now its up to the polls to sort everything out.

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It wasn't enough that Florida State lost on Saturday night but LSU and Georgia had to follow suit. That's just in the Top 10. Going through the rest of my Top 25 from last week a total of seven teams dropped their games this last weekend, which is why three teams have dropped out this week and only two are in the same spot as they were last week.

My Top 10
Rank Team Comment
#1 Alabama IDLE
#2 Oregon Beat Washington 52-21.
#3 West Virginia Won 48-45 at Texas.
#4 South Carolina Beat Georgia 35-7.
#5 Notre Dame Beat Miami 41-3.
#6 USC Won 38-28 at Utah
#7 Kansas State Beat Kansas 56-16
#8 Ohio State Beat Nebraska 63-38
#9 Clemson Beat Georgia Tech 47-31
#10 Florida Beat LSU 14-6

Teams That Fell

In addition to the four teams that dropped off of my ballot, four others dropped down. Florida State took the biggest plunge by dropping 19 spots.

Team Number Of Spots
Texas 1
Georgia 13
Florida State 19

Teams On The Rise

Team Number Of Spots
Oregon 1
West Virginia 1
South Carolina 3
Notre Dame 3
Kansas State 3
Ohio State 3
Clemson 4
Florida 4
Oregon State 10
Stanford 3
Oklahoma 3
Louisville 4
Michigan State 4
Mississippi State 3
Baylor 2

New This Week

Team Ranking
Rutgers 23
Louisiana Tech 24
Cincinnati 25