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Oklahoma Sooners @ Texas Tech - Prediction Time

It's everybody's favorite time of the week. It's prediction time!

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Let's face it. We do enough of the talking around here, right? It's that time of the week where we want to here from you, the loyal, intelligent, funny, attractive, reader. Wait, ignore that last part.

Anyway, we want your predictions for Saturday in Lubbock. Check out what we've got for you then get back at us in the comments.

* O/U 0.5 timeouts wasted by the Oklahoma defense.

* O/U 0.5 times the Oklahoma defense drops 10 into coverage, rushes one with that one guy being the nickelback.

* T/F Oklahoma will have no fewer than three sacks in this game.

* T/F An OU linebacker will in fact make a play on Saturday.

* Fill in the blank: _______ will have more turnovers at the end of the game.

* O/U 12.5 touches for Damien Williams.

* O/U 2.5 touches for Trey Millard.

* O/U 1.5 touches for Roy Finch

* More important for Landry Jones to have 300 yards passing or the collection of backs to amass 200 yards rushing (and yes, we know how stupid of a question this is).

* Give us your offensive MVP.

* Give us your defensive MVP.

* Give us your final score prediction.