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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread


This day is going to crawl by for Oklahoma fans but for other fan bases within the Big 12, and around the country, there are some key games. There isn't a better way to make the time pass by than watching the greatest game on earth, so let's discuss.

Big 12 Schedule

11:00 Texas at Kansas

2:30 TCU at Oklahoma State

2:30 Texas Tech at Kansas State

6:00 Baylor at Iowa State

7:00 Notre Dame at Oklahoma

There are a couple of big games in the SEC that are going to draw some interest and will no doubt be worth score peeking during whatever you may be doing at the time.

National Games Of Interest

2:30 USC at Arizona

2:30 Florida/Georga

7:30 Mississippi State at Alabama

The game thread for the OU/ND will be up around 6:00 but until then we'll be here discussing the early round of games, and hopefully it'll go by quickly.