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OU Football 2012 - Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference (Notre Dame)

Bob Stoops holds his weekly meeting with the media on the Monday of one of the biggest weeks in his tenure as the Oklahoma head coach.

Ed Zurga

UPDATE: Here is the full presser if you missed and want to watch it because you really hate yourself.

These are always interesting for those like myself, the cynical OU fans out there, simply from the standpoint of just how horrible the questions posed to Bob will be from our local media.

However with Notre Dame week, I think we can expect our local guys to reach a whole other level of stupidity. How can you not want to tune in for that?

There are also some rumbling out there on the interwebs that we could finally get some news on the status of Stacy McGee.

We'll be here to recap things as they happen live. Things get started around noon.